The Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT) is an independent national tribunal that has functions relating to the road transport industry.

The work of the RSRT can affect:

  • road transport drivers (both employees and contractor drivers)
  • employers or hirers of road transport drivers
  • participants in the supply chain in relation to road transport drivers.

The RSRT’s functions include:


Conference on proposed road safety remuneration orders

Conference on proposed road safety remuneration orders

Deputy President Asbury will conduct a conference on the proposed road safety remuneration orders (RSROs) at:

10 am, Friday 9 May 2014
Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal
80 William St
East Sydney NSW

Any person intending to attend the conference should advise chambers.asbury.dp@rsrt.gov.au by Tuesday, 6 May 2014.

Proposed RSROs on payments for road transport drivers and associated issues, and the assumptions on which they are based, can be found on the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal’s website.

Go to the notice of listing.

Go to the proposed orders.

16 April 2014

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